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The continental organisation of World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) for Europe, WBSC Europe, was proclaimed during the joint congress of the European Softball Federation (ESF) and the Confederation of Baseball in Europe (CEB) in February 2018. The two bodies' members unanimously voted for the merge of baseball and softball in Europe, in order to establish one governing body of our sport within Europe, following WBSC's merge of 2013. WBSC Europe consist of two juridical bodies, ESF and CEB. With 42 countries, Europe is the biggest continental organization within WBSC.

WBSC Europe organizes European Championships and European Cups on different levels, disciplines and age categories.

The WBSC has 193 National Federation Members in 133 countries and territories across Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and Oceania. Professional baseball organizations are also included and form an arm of the WBSC as Associate Members. As the recognised governing body in baseball/softball, the WBSC is charged with overseeing all international competitions and holds the exclusive rights of all competitions, tournaments and world championships featuring National Teams. WBSC’s members hold the rights to organize and select National Teams.

Within WBSC Europe, Baseball and Softball and its respective disciplines are ruled by the Baseball and Softball. It is foreseen that the permanent commissions, as typically outlined in the statute of each International Federation and as required by the IOC, which will be supporting arms to the executive in addressing specific/complex topics.

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