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Privacy Policy

  • 1. Subject of the privacy policy

    1. This declaration shall cover those personal data becoming known by visiting the platform Baseball -Softball Europe TV(hereinafter shortly defined as "Baseball Softball TV" or "website") as well as the smart TV and mobile applications –in particular but not exclusively the applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8, Baseball -Softball Europe TVapp for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8, smart TV applications for various manufacturers (among others Samsung)–(hereinafter shortly defined as “apps”) and informs about how the Confederation of Baseball in Europe (hereinafterdefined as CEB) and the European Softball Federation(hereinafter shortly defined as ESF) is handling this data.
  • 2. Personal data and their application

    1. At the user’s registration for personalised services of Baseball Softball TVthe user is asked for specified personal data. Withthe registration the user confirms to accept the storage and processing of personal data.In connection with the access of the website or the apps data is stored for backup purposes on the servers, which might enable an identification. Such information isused by CEB and ESFto maintain among others the level of service quality and to prepare the general statistics about Baseball Softball TV. CEB and ESFmight forward such data in anonymised form to partners for statistical analyses. However no person-related utilisation takes place.At registration for a premium access additionally credit card / account details are stored. These are exclusively used for invoicing purposes of the used access.
  • 3. Forwarding of data

    1. CEB or ESFwill neither sell or rent personal data of users without prior written consent nor forward them by any other mean to third parties and will also not make any personal data of users available for advertising or marketing purposes or forward them by any other mean to third parties. However, CEB and ESFareauthorised to forward personal data of users if there is a reasonable suspicion of Baseball Softball TVthat the transmitted content is offending the rights of third parties and these third parties are requesting the disclosure of the personal data. As far as CEB and ESF arerequired by law or judicial decree, CEB or ESFwill forward the data of users to entitled parties.
  • 4. Cookies

    1. Baseball Softball TVuses cookies. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers, which are temporarily stored in the working memory (“session cookie”) or permanently on the hard drive of the user’s computer (“permanent cookie”). This information particularly includes the IP address, login credentials, the user’s browser type and its version, email addresses, the date and time of the user’s visit on Baseball Softball TVwebsiteor the apps as well as a cookie number. The use of cookies enables Baseball Softball TVto “recognise” a userat a new visit and to adjust the offer of Baseball Softball TVand the apps to the user’s interests. Generally cookies are deleted as soon as the user is logging out of his personal area or expire with the cookies’ respective expiration dates. So-called language cookies, which “recognise” the user’s previously set language of a website or app, are not deleted after the user logged out. If the user is not logging out of his personal area, all cookies are deleted at latest after three months.Cookies are used by ÖWA for a unified analysis of Austrian media usage on the internet as well as by ComScore for the ideal control and analysis of the site, whereby the gathered files are stored in anonymised form. CEB and ESFreserves the right to use cookies of other providers or to replace existing cookie applications, if the data generated by the new providers is also stored in anonymised form. In general cookies can be declined or deleted by specific browser settings. In this case maybe not all functions of the websites are working completely as intended anymore.
  • 5. References and links

    1. In case the website or an app contains links to websites of third parties, CEB or ESFhas no influence on the collection, processing or use of personal data after the user has clicked on the specific link. Consequently CEB or ESFaccepts no responsibility in this context.
  • 6. Editing and deleting data

    1. Users can access and edit their personal data and account settings (e.g. password or email address management) at any time in their profiles. Furthermore users can revoke their consent concerning the storage of personal data with effect for the future without stating any reasons in writing or electronically, whereby the data is deleted immediately.
  • 7. Amendments of this privacy policy

    1. ESreserves the right to amend the privacy policy in future. Any amendment will be published visibly for the user.
      Paris, in February 2018